Locksmith Service in Corona

At Moreno General Services, Inc., we have had the distinct pleasure of serving residents and business owners in the beautiful Corona area since 2005. Our locally owned and operated business provides five-star general contracting services every time, and we really value the loyalty our extraordinary community has exhibited over the years. All required bonds, licenses, and insurance are maintained by our reputable business. The most qualified, proficient, and dependable locksmiths and contractors in the area make up our outstanding team. When you allow our humble family business to do what we do best, we think you’ll quickly realize just what sets us apart from the competition. Reach out today if you’re seeking the best locksmith, general contracting, glass, and electrical services!

Locksmith Services

Automotive Locksmith Services

Transponder and VAT Keys

Modern automobile keys are complex and technologically sophisticated, which makes replacement more difficult. Our auto locksmith company is equipped with the most up-to-date tools and knowledge to replace or fix any type of computer chipped, transponder, or ignition key.

Car Lockout Assistance

You’re more likely to lock yourself out of a vehicle when you’re having a busy day and getting preoccupied. You’ll need a lockout locksmith to help you as soon as possible, and your Moreno General Services Corona auto locksmith will accomplish just that! We will swiftly send a qualified automotive locksmith to your area so that you can soon get back behind the wheel.

Broken Key Extraction & Club Removal

Keys can break off in a door, trunk, or ignition. Some people use club-style steering wheel locks to protect their vehicles, but these are prone to malfunction or key loss. Let your car key locksmith come to the rescue with a new key, to remove your club, or to extract broken keys so you can get your day back on track.

Car Key Duplication

When your keys are taken or lost, your car will be immediately rendered useless. If you need your keys replaced or duplicated, your 24/7 locksmith will be on call to assist you in getting back on the road as soon as possible.

Residential Locksmith Services

Lock Rekeys

If you’ve purchased a new house or your keys are lost, it’s urgent and important to rekey your locks. At Moreno General Services, your favorite local locksmith in Corona will get your locks rekeyed or replaced quickly and efficiently.


The majority of households have at least one padlock because they are so practical, easy to use, and handy. If your padlock won’t open or if the key is lost, seek assistance from your local Corona locksmith.

Lockout Services

In the event that you become locked out of your home, you’ll want to immediately contact a dependable emergency locksmith for help. Fortunately, Moreno General Services will be there 24/7 to assist you in regaining access to your home. Call us at (951) 656-5515, and we’ll send someone your way as fast as possible!

Old Lock Repair

If your lock is old, many unwanted things could happen: a damaged key, rust that prevents the lock from opening, or lock failure. With the assistance of our local locksmith service, damaged locks of various kinds can be repaired or replaced.

Mailbox Lock Replacement

Keys are far too easy to lose, and mailbox keys are also notoriously prone to damage. If you require a new mailbox lock or key, get in touch with us right away!

High-Security Locks

High-security locks should be given careful consideration if you wish to improve the security of your property. These locks are undoubtedly a wonderful solution for every home because they are almost impossible to replicate, drill, or bump. With these cutting-edge locks, your local Corona locksmith can help protect your family.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Hardware Installation

Contacting our trustworthy locksmith business when you need doorknob, hinge, lock, or other hardware installations is the best approach to ensuring that the task is completed correctly. Unlike some locksmith companies that don’t offer a full menu of locksmith services, our team is here for you with complete replacement, installation, and repair services.

Master Key Systems

Convenience is paramount to business owners, and that’s why many commercial properties are equipped with master key systems. These systems offer keys that open all doors, and they also allow for keys that just unlock a specific door. Our well-known local locksmith service in Corona is always thrilled to consult with local business owners and help them select the system that makes the most sense for their needs.

Rekey Services

You should contact your neighborhood locksmith for rekeying when someone loses a key to your business, a key winds up in the possession of a person you no longer trust, or your company moves to a new property to keep your business secure. A dependable locksmith near you will be pleased to assist you and work with you to make your place of business as safe as possible when you contact Moreno General Services.

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