Painting Service in Moreno Valley

At Moreno General Services, we emphasize two simple, but crucial principles – attention to detail and punctuality. It would be difficult to find another local painting service that cares about those tiny, sometimes overlooked nuances as much as we do. In fact, we inspect every aspect of the project to ensure it meets our strict standards before we leave the job site. We always follow through on our commitments, so we’ll be at your house or property right when we say we’ll be there. Excuses are unacceptable to us, so if we say we’ll be finished on Friday, we’ll finish on Friday. Integrity, dependability, and honesty are essential, non-negotiable character attributes shared by every member of our team. Each member of our team exemplifies crucial characteristics like dependability, sincerity, and integrity. We take very seriously the excellent reputation we have in Moreno Valley, and we won’t stop working until your expectations are fulfilled.

Our fully insured, licensed, and bonded company is locally-owned and -operated. We’re proud of our 100% customer service guarantee. We pledge that you’ll be pleased with our work, and we make every effort to exceed your every expectation. Our experienced painters are thorough, effective, and very talented. From picking the ideal paint for the season and your goals to choosing the appropriate finish for your project, we’ll guide you through every step of the process to ensure a flawless result. Reach out to your favorite Moreno Valley painting company, whether you’re interested in hiring an exterior painter or you’re starting an interior remodel.

Updating Your Home with Paint

New paint is among the simplest and most affordable house improvements you could opt for. When applied by our skilled Moreno Valley painters, a fresh coat of paint may dramatically raise the value of your house, shield surfaces and walls against damage, and enhance your household air quality. We promise that the excellent job our skilled house painters accomplish will instantly enhance your property, because we work so hard to exceed your expectations. Finding trustworthy painters in Moreno Valley may be challenging since, as you likely well know, not all painters are created equal. We would be pleased to introduce you to your new go-to low-cost painter when you want a reasonably-priced painter in Moreno Valley who never sacrifices quality.

Choosing Between Oil-Based and Water-Based Paint

Both oil-based and water-based paints have advantages over one another, depending on your project’s specific details. When you have access to the greatest information, selecting the proper one is simple. Our residential and commercial painters are well-versed in all paint varieties, and they will be happy to guide you through the selection process. The kind of paint previously applied to your walls is one factor our painting company always suggests considering. You should be equipped with this knowledge to prevent peeling or chipping. If you’re unclear about what kind of paint you currently have, your painting contractor would gladly do a simple test to figure it out.

You’re probably already considering water-based paint – often known as latex paint – if you’re wanting to renovate a business building or are thinking about painting walls in your house. It is an extremely popular and environmentally-responsible option. The water-based paint formula maintains its color for a longer period of time than oil-based paint. As a result, latex paint is a fantastic choice for external walls exposed to the elements, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Water-based paint is easily cleaned with just soap and water and is available in a broad range of sheens. Walls, doors, and ceilings are frequently painted using latex paint.

Oil-based paint is a favorite option for homeowners and painting specialists on a budget since it is more cost-effective than water-based formulations. It’s also the most resistant paint when it comes to daily wear and tear. If having a durable finish is a primary goal, oil-based paint has probably caught your attention. For finishing trim and moldings, our expert painting service suggests this kind of paint. Use oil-based paint to get a high gloss if you prefer a shiny look. Oil-based formula application methods may be more difficult, but our talented painting contractors know just how to get the perfect finish every time.

Choosing the Perfect Paint Sheen for Your Project


Dining rooms, living rooms, and hallways are frequently painted with an eggshell sheen because it is long-lasting and has a reputation for resisting dirt accumulation. Eggshell paint is a wise choice if your walls are uneven but you don’t want a completely flat finish, since it conceals faults better than satin and gloss sheens. It is a well-liked and adaptable option among homeowners and house painters because it prevents walls from taking on an unwelcome, shiny look.


The best paint to use to cover up wall flaws like bumps, lines, or scuffs is flat paint because of its light-absorbing capabilities. It’s a wonderful accent to formal living rooms, master bedrooms, and offices. Flat paint, sometimes referred to as the “concealer” of paints, is known to contain more pigment than other sheens. Your room will look cozier and warmer with a smooth, velvety finish.


Matte paints provide a smooth, non-reflective appearance while hiding wall flaws. It simply takes a few coats of this kind of paint, which is frequently used in newly constructed homes or buildings, bedrooms, ceilings, dining rooms, and various other areas. Matte paint works well with any design or color palette, and touch-ups are quick and simple.


Semi-gloss paint is ideal for woodwork and trim, and it may also be used for almost any painting project. Your dependable Moreno Valley painters at Moreno General Services like semi-gloss paint for a variety of surfaces, including cabinets, window casings, doors, baseboards, and more. It is more effective at reflecting light than glossy paint and can survive moisture in wet environments like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. A semi-gloss painted surface may be readily cleaned of smudges, grease, and fingerprints.


The most popular interior paint finish is satin, as any qualified house painter can attest. With its velvety quality and ease of maintenance, this type of paint is a great option for high-traffic areas like laundry rooms, bathrooms, playrooms, kitchens, and corridors. Satin paint is often recommended by your interior painter for longevity and definition.


The strongest, most resilient, and stain-proof paint finish currently available is high gloss. This finish is simple to maintain, making it a great option for trim, specific woodwork, cabinets, doors, and other oft-dirtied, frequently-touched surfaces. It is particularly moisture-resistant because of the manner in which its hard finish “seals” drywall and wood. A high-gloss formula is a terrific method to achieve your design goal if you want to utilize paint to make a statement.

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